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N CH Alertness Clarity "Kit"

Born March 20 2011
Eyes: CEA free (eye check as puppy)
Hips: A (free)
Elbows: A (free)
Swedish mental test MH: Withdrawn
Shows: 10xCAC, 3xBOB, 3xBOS, BIG-3

Put to sleep November 27 2017 (limping, leg injury + long term side effects from cortisone treatment)
Kit 13 months old.
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Kit is a friendly and trusting girl who likes chasing ball and playing with her doggy friends.
She is an easy learner and likes doing obedience, agility and search training (field work).

Kit er en snill og vennlig jente som er glad i å løpe etter ball og leke med andre firbeinte venner.
Kit sier heller ikke nei takk til å trene og liker både lydighets-, agility og runderingstrening.