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Wesayso King of Bloke and Bird "Nelson"

Born March 12 2006
CEA-free (as a puppy)
Hips free (A)
Elbows free (A)
Swedish mental test MH -reacted to shots (5)
Shows: 4xCACs, 3xCACIBs, 2xBOB

Put to sleep Oct 22 2016 (cancer in the lungs)
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Nelson's MH
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Nelson will always have a special place in my heart. He was a lot of DOG: Very lively, always happy and ready for some action,
there was never a dull moment around him. He was alert and bright and fun to train, had a strong play drive and lots and lots of energy,
a little too much at times. Nelson was very outgoing and friendly, barking happily at people when greeting them.
I rarely saw him spooked or afraid; he was always on top of the world. Nelson was trained in field work (searching/tracking) and obedience.
He was an excellent and reliable search dog, working methodically and tirelessly.
But what I will miss most is his loyalty and friendship; never straying far away, always wanting to be by my side.